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Are you a professional consultant, trainer or team builder? Ask for a demonstration and how MindSonar can revolutionize your professional activities.


Are you leading a company or a department? Get examples of how MindSonar can help you lift it up to the next level of vitality and expansion.

It's like an X-ray machine for the mind

Your mindset determines your feelings and your actions. And these determine your results. That's why it is so important to know how people think.

What we measure

MindSonar measures Thinking Patterns (Meta Programs) and Value Sets (Graves Drives).

Online certification available

You can now take advantage of our state of the art online platform and obtain your MindSonar certificate attending one of the online certification trainings. Flexible, convenient and still with a personalized touch and live one on one sessions. Online training brings the best of both worlds.

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MindSonar allows you to look inside yourself from the very start of the coaching session. You will quickly understand what you need change in your mindset to succeed.


If you participate in training, you will quickly get involved. Your MindSonar profile is a tangible document showing you what to change to learn new skills.

Human Resources

If you are a HR Professional, you will start truly understanding conflicts and you will be able to design changes that people are motivated to implement.


Coaching, Recruitment, Teambuilding, Outplacement, Leadership, Communication, Project management and more.

Trainings Available

MindSonar certification training is available in both, English and Spanish. We also have our signature teambuilding program F5 powered by MindSonar.

Featured Trainers

Our certified trainers are ready to deliver a great experience providing support, reviewing exercises and facilitating live zoom sessions.

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